Below are some excerpts of my work. I am currently working on a semi-autobiographical work about femininity and the nature of performance, titled Exorcising Ophelia.

Words are always missing when I need them
Gone when I want them
Lost at the base of my tongue like a..
Cough Drop?


Filling my mouth like an inhaled bubblegum balloon
all sweetless sweetness like the memory of sugar
all musk sticks and rubber and warm air and  


Like that little bit of air at the bottom of my lungs that I can never quite get to
All warm and locked below my.. 


All that is left of that first gasp
That jolt my little body felt when they laid me down in her arms.
They say I came out smiling
That I only cried when she held me and cried
but it wasn't her tears
 (which I've never seen since)
It was the heat.
Like a towel, fresh off the beach
Hot from underneath.