(E): Extra (FE): Featured Extra, (C): Chorus/Secondary Supporting, (Ens): Ensemble, (S): Supporting, (L): Lead

 •Rhian (L), The Personality Shop, Caterina Turnbull.

 •Vera (S), Last Carriage on the Northern Union Express, Leo Flanders, Arlington Animals.  (See left)

 •Nostalgia (Ens), Nightminds Trailer, Sarah Walker, The Electric Company
 •Thread Trailer (L), Jorge Tsipos,Tsipoproductions and Three Spot Productions


 •Philip (FE), Salvation Army Maundy Thursday Film. David Cairns, Salvos Studio
 •Inquisitive Girl/Prisoner (FE), Music Video 'Not Fair' by Inkfields, Laura Hamilton and Jon Sevastopaulos, SAE Institute.
 •Homeless Girl (L) Coins and Shelter, Anastasia Yates, Swinburne University
 •Martha/Composer (C/Singing Role), Crane, Joshua Farrell

Screen shot 2014-02-26 at 12.48.26 AM.png

•Natacha von Braun (L) Remake of scene from 'Alphaville' by Jean-Luc Goddard, Tarryn Eva, Monash University ( see left)
 •Elle (L), Sexploitation, Haleema Elsayed, Latrobe University
 •Sister Maria (L), The Graveyard Shift, Sherilyn Wong, RMIT University
 •Kate: Lead, PSA, Obsessively Aware, Krish Soorkia, Swinburne University
 •Claire (L) When Sh@t Happens, Benjamyn Wolfgramm, Swinburne University (see above right)
 •Susan (L), Road Wolves, Harrison Packer, Photographic Narrative Series for VCA application
 •Megan (L), Lanu: 'The Wire' Music Video, Benjamyn Wolfgramm, Swinburne University

Screen shot 2014-02-26 at 12.34.19 AM 1.png

 •Emma (S/Narrator), Le Chien qui Fume, Donna McRae and Michael Vale (see right)
 •Jill (L), Meat, Benjamyn Wolfgramm, Swinburne University
 •Sarah (L), Cocoon, Marli Lopez-Hope, Swinburne University
•Paramedic (FE), Coming of Age, Mark Day, Victorian College of the Arts
•Cassandra (FE), Hilarious Transplant, Simon Toppin, RMIT University

Screen shot 2014-02-26 at 12.45.13 AM.png

 •Businesswoman (E), There Is No Such Thing as a Jellyfish, Alena Lodkina.
•Tegan  (S/Singing Role), Youth, Tess Hutson, VCA
 •Kirsten (L), In Retrospect, Christel Chia, VCA
•Funeral Attendant (E), Momento Mori, Stacey Quine, VCA
•Katie (L), Pantsy Fants, Errol Tyson, RMIT
•Magda (S), Mimi and Bubba, Johnathan Webb. Taylored Productions
•Maggie (L), The Hard Sell, James Eric, Swinburne
•Joanne (L), We need to talk about Melvin, Benjamyn Wolfgramm, Swinburne University
•Claire (L), Massacre, Kristopher Wardhana, Swinburne University
•Dee (Ens/Rapping Role), Spit, Genevieve Wilson, VCA (see above left)

•Seance Member (C), MV 'Everything was Legendary with Robert' by Dave Graney, Donna McRae and Michael Vale
•Teenager (FE), Real Estate, TJ Hibbert, JMC
•Alex (S), Subjection, Ben Waites, Deakin University
•Murdered Girl (FE), Damien, Swinburne University
•Nicola (S), Uncivilized Pilot Stinger, Cory Dawson
•Hebrew Presenter (Ens) Untitled Overfishing Project Frouwke Hendricks
•Florence (L), Paper Black, Duncan Caillard, Melbourne Filmmakers Collaborative
•Rose (S), Summer Gone, Sian Watling, Swinburne University
•Nicole (S), Psychology, Sam Hicks, Swinburne University
•Rose (S), That Cat, Patrick Tuikaba, Footscray City Films
•Stacey (Ens) Last Horizon, David Valkenet, Point Cool Productions for Swinburne University
•Actor 6 (C), Chicken, Carl Sorheim, The Cameralla

•Young Mother (Ens) California (installation) Donna McRae for MARS Gallery
•Girl 2 (S) Ad Pitch, Johnathan Newton for Newtel Productions
•Sandra (S) Baby on Board, Adam J Khuraishi for Swinburne University
•Celeste Alexia (L) Novum Teaser, Joel Johnston and Dia Taylor for Reel Merit Films and Nesbit Films
•Evie (S) Scent, Elizna Van Der Walt for Deakin University
•Anna (S) Ill Wind, Ella Keys for Swinburne University
•Karen (L) Sweet Misery, Kurt McCowen for Jacaranda Media
•Evelyn (L) AfterDeath, John Cunningham for A Bit of Strange
•Roxanne (S/Singing Role) Monsters Lucas Tang for Swinburne University


•Lili (Ensemble Cast), Pizza, Damian Stephenson
•Caroline (Female Lead), Turning Pages, Judrina Kymantas for RMIT University



•Ada (S), Maniac, Jeremy DeCiglie

•Taylor (S), Newman, Long Lin Cheng

•June (S), Hold Empty, Darik Janik
•Mission Extra (E) Pawno, Paul Ireland

•Iranian passenger, Ali’s Wedding, Jeffrey Walker

•Sandra Welles, Time Apart, Ric Forster *in post production*
•Gabrielle, Blue Grace, Daniel Andrusiak *in post production*

•Celeste Alexia (Lead), Novum, Joel Johnston and Dia Taylor *in preproduction, trailer shoot 08/2016*


Screen shot 2014-02-26 at 12.14.58 AM.png

Various extra work on Neighbours, House Husbands, Winners & Losers and Home and Away

•Chorister, Choir Girl for This is Littleton , Amanda Brotchie, ABC and Highwire Films (see left)