A+B=? Final.jpg

 •Poster Design, Terrorism, James Wardlaw, MUSTPA

 •Poster Design, This is Not Hamlet, Thomas Lawton, MUSS
 •Stage Manager/ Assistant Director / Poster Design, A+B=?, Jorge Tsipos, Tsipoproductions for the Melbourne Fringe Festival.
 •Co Stage-Manager, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Peter Oyston, MUSTPA

 •Co-Director, Set Designer, Damian and Diana, Harley Hefford, Joseph Pogson and Tamuz Ellazam, MUSTPA
 •Lighting Operator and Poster Design, Strengths and Weaknesses,Adam Direen, Jorge Tsipos, Tsipoproductions for the Melbourne Fringe Festival.
 •Writer, Director, Producer, Thread, Three Spot Productions.


 •Managing Assistant, Costume Assistant and Graphic Design, Goodworks, Karra Peppler, TrailerPark Productions for Midsumma Festival.
 •Artistic Director, Club Voltaire Sunday Shorts.
 •Set Dressing, Puppet Costume and Hair Assistant, Avenue Q, Pip Mushin, JYM.
 •Co-Director, Poster Design, Dogg's Hamlet, Cahoot's Macbeth, MUSS
 •Assistant Director, Everynight, Everynight, Stuart Grant, Frank Theatre Company, Gasworks.
 •Assistant Director, Editing Assistant, Graphic Design, 'Laura' Aphonia, Hannah Aroni, MUST
  •Assistant Director, Set Design, Wyrd Sisters, Jem Splitter, MUST
  •Director, Editing Assistant, Set Design, The Love We Hate, Leila Enright for Short and Sweet Melbourne Wildcards.


 •Costume Design, Amazing Transplant, Simon Toppin, RMIT University
 •Festival Producer, 48 Hour Film Project Melbourne, Barnash Productions
 •Flyer Design, The Well (redux), The Well Productions for La Mama and Adelaide Fringe seasons

As well as costume construction, I am a proficient Embroiderer, Leatherworker, and Prop-Maker.